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Ask A Drain Tech | Blog | Infographics | Video | Community
Lomita - Drain | Jetter | Camera
Lomita - Drain | Jetter | Camera
  • Bob & Marc Plumbing Offers many types of drain services.
  • From a simple clog to a high pressure jetter to a complete remodel or re-pipe.
  • When your corrosive or enzymatic drain cleaners stop working, it's time for a professional licensed Drain Service to take a look at your pipes.
Lomita - Mainline
Lomita - Mainline
  • Services sewer drains 3” to 10” cleaning capability.
  • Quietest most powerful drain machines in the world.
  • Clean drains up to 250 feet.
  • Smart motor’s that give more power when encountering a troubled drain.
  • Outer sanitary drum to keep debris contained.
Lomita - Sink Machine
Lomita - Sink Machine
  • Service drains 2” to 3” cleaning capability.
  • Quietest most powerful drain machine in the industry.
  • Cleans a drain up to 100 feet.
  • Used to clear all kitchen drains, laundry drains, and shower drains.
  • Adjustable drum, ½ horsepower allows us to service most drains.
Lomita - Top Snake
Lomita - Top Snake
  • Service drains 1¼” to 2” cleaning capability.
  • Hand held to service hard to reach drains.
  • Clean drains up to 35 feet.
  • Used for all tub drains and lavatory drains.
  • High powered motor with special head to remove hair and build-up.
Lomita - Micro Jetter
Lomita - Micro Jetter
  • Service drains 2” to 3” jetting capability.
  • Dual pulsation jetter provides over 1500 P.S.I. of jetting power.
  • Jets drains up to 80 feet.
  • Used to jet the kitchen drain, tub and shower drain and lavatory drain.
  • Electric 2 horsepower motor helps to service indoor drains with ease.
Lomita - Micro Camera
Lomita - Micro Camera
  • Sewer and Drain camera inspects drains 1¼” to 3” capability.
  • High intensity inspection lights for exceptional viewing.
  • Inspects sewer and drains up to 100 feet with DVD video recording.
  • Ideal for sewer and drain inspections with tight turns and P-Traps.
  • Cordless system, with built in monitors for trouble free locations.
Lomita - High Tech Equipement
Lomita - High Tech Equipement
  • Sewer and Drain video camera inspection and location DVD.
  • Trenchless pipe bursting sewer and drain replacement system.
  • Trenchless pipe lining sewer and drain replacement system.
  • Tow behind hydro jetting system 1¼ to 12”.
  • In wall camera inspection for leaks and breaks.
Lomita - Sewer Camera
Lomita - Sewer Camera
  • Sewer and drain camera inspection 3” to 10” capability.
  • Color / DVD monitor/video cordless for street service.
  • Sewer and drain camera inspection up to 200 feet.
  • Ideal for multi-story buildings, rooftops and confined areas.
  • Flexible transmitter makes sewer and drain locating with ease.
Lomita - What's Clogging your Drain?
Lomita - What's Clogging your Drain?
  • Personal hygiene products (even the flushable type).
  • Hair from tub, shower and sink drains.
  • Excess food from garbage disposal at kitchen sink.
  • Grease from kitchen drain and large solids.
  • Roots in sewer at joints and connections.
Lomita - Sewer Jetter
Lomita - Sewer Jetter
  • Removes roots, grease, sand and all forms of stoppage from sewer.
  • Our jetter provides over 4000 P.S.I. of jetting power.
  • Multiple jetter heads, 300 gallon capacity with silent pack engines.
  • Our tow behind jetter can clean 1¼” to 12” sewers.
  • All jetters are wireless control and run on low flow to conserve water.
Lomita - Industial Jetter
Lomita - Industial Jetter
  • Ultra High water jetting for pipelines, closed vessels and storm drains.
  • Jetting for pool drains, area drains, grease interceptors and surface drains.
  • Power wash surface with high power jetter wand.
  • 300 gallon, self contained water source to jet remote areas.
  • High temperature jetting capacity.
Lomita - Drain Solution
Lomita - Drain Solution
  • Caustic drains cleaners, heavier than water to reach clogs in drains.
  • Oxidizing drains cleaners, release heat and gases to clear clogged drains.
  • Acid drain cleaners, only sold to Drain Services use sulfuric acid to clear the drain.
  • All these products can damage drains and are toxic to humans.
Lomita - BMP Drain Solution Products
Lomita - BMP Drain Solution Products
  • Non-Toxic and will not harm your plumbing system.
  • Fresh scent to give a more pleasurable experience.
  • Can only be provided by your Bob & Marc Drain Service.
  • Concentrated to make extremely cost effective.
  • Simple application performed once a week for best results.

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