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Lomita - General Plumbing
Lomita - General Plumbing
  • Bob & Marc Plumbing is C36, C42 and C20 licensed.
  • Our Drain Services are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Our fleet of fully stocked trucks are G.P.S./Satalite guided.
  • Our Drain Services are backflow certified from U.S.C..
  • We service all water, drains, sewer, venting, fixture, remodel, new construction, repair for commercial, residential and industrial plumbing needs. For over 50 years in the South Bay.
Lomita - Copper Re-Pipe
Lomita - Copper Repipe
  • Bob & Marc plumbing only uses type L copper and pex piping.
  • All repipes include, new isolation valves, angle stops and supplies.
  • Drain Services wear boot covers and lay plastic floor covering.
  • All plumbing will be performed according to the uniform plumbing code.
  • Drain Service will pull all permits and meet with city inspectors.
Lomita - Slab Leak
Lomita - Slab Leak
  • All plumbing leaks will be located to pinpoint accuracy before any demo is performed.
  • Bob & Marc Plumbing will sawcut, remove and replace all concrete floors.
  • Home will be protected from dust and debris.
  • All potable repairs will be silver soldered or pro press type joints.
  • Drain Services will work with your insurance company to help ensure coverage.
Lomita - Gas Valve Installation and Repair
Lomita - Gas Valve Installation and Repair
  • All trucks are stocked with combustable gas leak detectors.
  • Drain Services carry power drive threaders with ½" to 2" capability.
  • Drain Services are trac pipe and butt fushion certified.
  • All gas lines are pressure tested after repair or replacement.
  • Installation of residential and commercial seismic safety valves.
Lomita - Fixtures and Installation
Lomita - Fixtures and Installation
  • Bob & Marc Drain Services are trained to install all major brands.
  • Trucks are fully stocked with repair parts and accessories.
  • Drain Services carry faucets for most applications.
  • Drain Services specialize in custom shower systems.
  • The Bob & Marc Plumbing online store provides all your plumbing fixture needs.
Lomita - Garbage Disposal
Lomita - Garbage Disposal
  • All plumbing trucks carry the Insinkerator Evolution Series.
  • Our garbage disposal units are equipped with ultra quiet motors.
  • Three stage grind technology and stainless steel blades.
  • Bob & Marc Drain Services can provide ½ h.p. to ¾ h.p. units.
  • Every install comes with new sink flange, jam buster wrench and power cord unit.
Lomita - Faucet Install and Repair
Lomita - Faucet Install & Repair
  • Bob & Marc Drain Services offer preofessional Drain Service quality faucets.
  • Our faucets, we are prod to say, are made in America!.
  • All Drain Service pro grade faucets carry a lifetime warrenty.
  • Each Bob & Marc Drain Service trucks are stocked with repair parts..
  • You can order all your plumbing needs from the Bob & Marc Plumbing online store!
Lomita - Remodel
Lomita - Remodel
  • The Bob & Marc Drain Service will be with you from design, rough and set & finish.
  • Our Drain Services will handle all demo home.
  • The Drain Service will pull all plumbing and H.V.A.c permits per city requirements.
  • At Bob & Marc plumbing, our prices are final with NO HIDDEN FEES.
  • At Bob & Marc Plumbing, your time is valuable to us. Our Drain Services will be done on time.
Lomita - Plumbing Trucks
Lomita - Plumbing Trucks
  • The Bob & Marc Drain Service has onboard navigation.
  • The Bob & Marc Drain Service has onboard paperless invoicing.
  • The Bob & Marc Drain Service has all modern plumbing, location and diagnostic tools.
  • The Bob & Marc Drain Service has a fully stocked truck for efficiency.
  • The Bob & Marc Drain Service is satalite dispatched, for the most efficient route to your home.
Lomita - Irrigation
Lomita - Irrigation
  • Installation by certified Drain Service.
  • Layout and sizing by a C36 certified Drain Service.
  • Copper, PVC, piping with manifolds and timers.
  • Backflow preventors installation repair and testing by Drain Service certification.
  • Plumbing trucks carry repair parts.
Lomita - Drains
Lomita - Drains
  • Installations, repair, commercial and residential by certified Drain Service.
  • Plumbing trucks carry A.B.S. and cast iron fittings and pipe.
  • The Bob & Marc Drain Service can locate damages or clogged pipes via camera and clear all drains.
  • Our certified Drain Services can provide layout amd sizing.
  • The Bob & Marc Drain Service specializes in slab drain repair.
Lomita - Venting
Lomita - Venting
  • All Drain Services at Bob & Marc Plumbing are trained in drain waste and vent systems.
  • Proper ventalation is critical for all drain systems.
  • Our Drain Services will terminate all vents through the roof to expel harmful gases and oder.
  • Bob & Marc Drain Services install individual vents, vertical, horizontal stacked, flat and sub vents..
  • Materials for venting A.B.S., cast iron, galvanized, copper etc... will be determined by you and your Bob & Marc Drain Service.
Lomita - Reroutes
Lomita - Reroutes
  • The Bob & Marc Drain Service will choose the best reroute for your water drain system.
  • The Bob & Marc Drain Service will sawcut and remove all concrete, drywall, asphalt and lawn where necessary.
  • The Bob & Marc Drain Service will install new drain, water and ventalation for fixture(s).
  • The Bob & Marc Drain Service will pull all neccessary permits with local city inspectors.
  • The Bob & Marc Drain Service will replace concrete, drywall, asphalt, lawn where-ever it was removed..

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