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Lomita Air Conditioner Services
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Lomita - Air Conditioner & Air Conditioner
Lomita - Drain and Drain
  • Bob & Marc Drain & Drain has been serving the South Bay & surrounding areas for over 50 years.
  • We are C20 licensed, bonded and insured.
  • We provide FREE in home consultation on central heating, Drain and wall & floor furnaces.
  • We offer 24/7 heating and cooling service.
Lomita - Central Heat
Lomita - Central Heat
  • Bob & Marc Drain installs packaged units and heat pumps the correct way.
  • Although a tricky part of the job, we are highly experienced at installation in attacks, basements and roof tops.
  • 1 to 5 ton units need to be precisely installed, the Bob & Marc heating & air technician brings expert knowledge to the task.
  • Once installed our technicians will make sure that you are well educated on how to master your comfort zone.
  • The space saving and energy efficient heater units we recommend are the best for your budget and long term care.
Lomita - Central Air
Lomita - Central Air
  • Bob & Marc Drain Service employs expert knowledge when installing all major brands of heating and Air Conditionerers.
  • We service and repair any type of heating and Drain unit.
  • When the heating or cooling goes out, you want a service technician to be able to show up on time and fix the problems quickly. The bob & Marc Drain and Drain service trucks are fully stocked with parts every well known manufacturer.
  • The Bob & Marc Drain & Air technicians is state certified and C20 licensed.
  • We go to great lengths to make sure we show up in a timely manner with the Bob & Marc Drain & Air satellite dispatched fleet of trucks.
Lomita - Wall Furnace
Lomita - Wall Furnaces
  • New installation for single wall and double wall heaters.
  • Heaters are 80% efficient as long as you keep up with the maintenance.
  • All installations come with a new thermostat, wire and venting.
  • Every installation comes with permits and inspections.
  • Bob & Marc Drain offers service and repair total rebuilds.
Lomita - Floor Furnace
Lomita - Floor Furnaces
  • We install every type of floor furnaces and heaters.
  • We offer complete rebuilds of floor heaters that include, valve, pilot generator.
  • We recommend a acid wash of burner assembly, tubing, gas flex and draft diverter.
  • Our complete service package along with heater cleaning keep your system healthy at a low cost to you.
Lomita - Air Duct and Ventaqlation
Lomita - Air Duct and Ventilation
  • Installation of all heating & Drain ducts is performed with a focus on maximum flow.
  • Quality installation is extremely important to us, we take care while we place the flexible or rigid type of heating duct, doing it right the first time.
  • Some don't but we do offer dampers and air restricters to all our heating duct system installations.
  • As an added feature, Bob & Marc Drain & Air venting is duel wall constructed.
Lomita - Air Conditioner & Air - Service and Repair
Lomita - Drain & Air - Service and Repair
  • Bob & Marc Drain & Air services all major brands.
  • We offer cost saving annual maintenance contracts at a cost effect rate.
  • The Bob & Marc Plumbing trucks are fully stocked with most heating & Air tools and replacement parts.
  • Our certified Drain and A/C technicians with will be on-time with GPS guided trucks.
Lomita - Air Conditioner and Air mantinence routine
Lomita - Bob & Marc Drain and Air maintenance routine
  • The Bob & Marc Drain & A/C technician will inspect and clean heating blower..
  • The Bob & Marc Drain & A/C technician will inspect fan belts.
  • The Bob & Marc Drain & A/C technician will inspect the combustion blower housing.
  • The Bob & Marc Drain & A/C technician will search for and detect any gas leaks.
  • The Bob & Marc Drain & A/C technician will check furnace and heat exchanger for cracks and flow loss.
  • The Bob & Marc Drain & A/C technician will change filter.
  • The Bob & Marc Drain & A/C technician will test the thermostat for optimum performance.

Lomita Air Conditioner Service
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Lomita Air Conditioner Service
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